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Your website should be designed, not just developed. The client journey through your website should be thoughtful and strategic, built with concept-driven design solutions tailored to your business’s needs, and with plenty of room to grow.

Say goodbye to fancy one-size-fits-all templates and do-it-yourself website builders and say hello to a customized strategic approach designed with passion to elevate your brand and developed with heart to captivate your audience.

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There are no subscriptions or monthly fees to budget for. As an Oxygen developer my license covers every single website I create, so all you need to pay for is your domain, hosting, and any premium plugins you may require.
I specialize in design so not only will you have a website that functions intuitively, it will look great, too. Plus, it’ll be fast, reliable and responsive. No bulky plugins or hacks—just quality, custom design and development.

I love the smell of serifs in the morning. And at night! Any time of day, really. Honestly, I’m a stickler for using the correct apostrophes and hyphens, and I love spending time making sure that typefaces are actually formatted properly for the web. Plus I do an unnatural amount of research (it’s fun for me, I swear!) to find typefaces that are both functional and unique, yet steeped in style.

i know what you’re thinking...

“But wait, everyone seems to be using ShowIt and they love it because it’s so easy to use! Plus, have you seen those templates? Gorgeous!”

After 5+ years of experience designing websites with nearly all the visual builders out there—from Visual Composer to Beaver Builder to Divi, and even ShowIt—I knew there had to be a better way of developing custom Wordpress websites for right-brained folks like myself who go gaga for well-styled CSS and appreciate some well-functioning Javascript, but can’t quite wrap our heads around blindly creating templates with only code. There’s only so much drag-and-drop one can handle!
First of all, YOU—the visionary, the one with the dreams, the woman changing the world—should not be designing your own website. Seriously, close that browser tab where you’ve got your Canva account open. Nor should your virtual assistant or even your graphic designer if they aren’t experienced with web development. Web developers can always tell when a website is built by an amateur, even if the graphics are nice ;)

Secondly, of course I’ve seen all those gorgeous templates. I know (and really like) some of those incredibly talented designers who create them! But here’s the thing: web design and web development are not the same thing, and ShowIt is entirely based on web design, which means anyone with a decent eye for design can create something that looks great using it. Why? Because ShowIt isn’t functional web development, which means it’s mostly just meant to look pretty. And it does! But if you’re running a successful 6+ figure business, your website should be developed, not just designed.

That means not having to draw a rectangle and place a text book on it to create a button.  



Straight-forward drag + drop builder
Tons of templates and custom designsavailable
Doesn’t require technical skills
Built on Wordpress
Designs/changes made in desktopbuilder don’t automatically translateto mobile builder
No HTML or CSS styling
Some knowledge of ShowIt required
ShowIt subscription required
External access require
You don’t own it
Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi, Wix, etc.
Straight-forward drag + drop builder
Free + premium templates available
Doesn’t require much technical skillfor basic operation
Self hosted
Bulky, slows your site down considerably
Technical knowledge of HTML + CSSrequired for advanced customization
Subscription required
You don’t own it

you shouldn’t be designing your own website.

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Black Female Therapists
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