Visual virtual assistance is here to help you get back to creating, selling, podcasting, writing, or whatever it is you love to do.

Running a successful blog or online business requires hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. Gone are the days when you could get away with “doing it all” during your spare time. In today’s fast-paced digital world, top-notch visuals are a priority and typography seems to be every Instagrammer’s favourite method of self-expression. The visual possibilities are endless but today’s pages in your Day Designer and that cute Bando planner (because let’s be honest, you just had to have both) isn’t. That’s where I come in.

You may find that the projects you want to outsource are just too small in scope for what many graphic designers are willing to take on. Welcome to my wheelhouse! With ongoing visual management, my goal is to help you execute your goals beautifully and effectively.

Hold up, what does a visual VA do?


Social media graphics

Animated Instagram stories, promotional graphics, etc.


Lead magnets + content upgrades

Fillable + interactive worksheets, ebooks, etc.


Sales pages + landing pages

Opt-in pages for webinars, challenges, lead magnets, etc.


Course graphics + workbooks

Fillable + interactive workbooks, slide decks, etc.


Facebook + Instagram ads

Animated or static ads that convert like crazy!


Webpage design + graphics

Custom design for Squarespace or WordPress websites.

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This package comes with 10 nonrefundable service hours per month on a 6-month retainer. It is ideal for entrepreneurs with minimal to moderate graphic design needs who desire to maintain a strong and consistent online visual presence.




This package comes with 20 nonrefundable service hours per month on a 6-month retainer. It is ideal for entrepreneurs with moderate to comprehensive graphic design needs who desire to maintain a strong, consistent online visual presence, and who seek to impact their followers/community by providing stunning brand experiences.

“Jillian is my secret weapon. Designers that make pretty graphics are a dime a dozen. Jillian’s ability to create graphics that CONVERT is one in a million. She has mastered the art of designing beautiful graphics that drive sales.”


As a former designer myself, I am a little neurotic about my branding and design work, so passing it off to someone else was a big commitment. But working with Jillian has been nothing short of amazing. She takes my design ideas and makes them completely congruent with my branding and vision, yet better than I could have ever achieved on my own. She is creative, meticulous, and hard-working, and an absolute asset on my team. Plus, she is able to design for just about EVERYTHING — social media, PDFs, landing pages, and more. That breadth of experience isn’t easy to find in a designer, but Jillian’s got “it.”


“OMG this has been one of the best investments I’ve made. If you’re leveraging the internet for your business, then it’s important to go beyond a hiring any graphic designer. Just from using my new brand design and hiring Jillian to consistently create Pinterest graphics (and beyond) for us, we’ve doubled our web traffic from Pinterest alone in just 3 months! In fact, everything is growing faster than ever from our email subscribers to social audience… I have no doubt a big portion of this is attributed to grown up, gorgeous graphic design! Jillian has been a gift!”


“Jillian is so awesome and easy to work with! She gets everything done so fast. I love that I don’t have to over explain everything and she just “gets” it right away. She’s able to take the brand we have already and make new designs that all fit perfectly and cohesively within it! Plus, her designs for our Facebook ads converted like CRAZY!”


“Words can’t accurately convey how happy I am that we hired Jillian! She is fast, responsive, and creates beautiful graphics that are cohesive AND take our brand to the next level. Jillian is a true expert at what she does and I love that I never have to over explain what I’m asking her to do. She just knows!”


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